Final stage of my life

In the final stage of my life, I am still traversing the road, but uncertain until when I will be able to reach my distination, the real love and happiness.

This might be due to what is going on to the world. The conflicts between nations, religions and people around the world, the problems that arises due technological advancement which supposed to help people to better their lives, the countless disasters and natural calamities, the famines, .. everything you can imagine, we have it.

Perhaps my dreams will still be a long journey to be trudged. Furthermore, I am still hoping that this world where I live will be a better and safest place to live with and a place I can call my own home.

In the final stage of my life I hope I can share my utmost love to everyone especially to my loving family, the most important people in my life, the people I cannot live without.

…… this is the beginning of the last stage of my life ..


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