Cognitive Power

Have you ever wandered the power of the CCTVs, camcorders, webcams, video cams or the like? They can capture things vividly and retrieve details accurately. Because it is designed that way, to capture things and replay…  But if you think about it the lens of these gadgets are patterned to the eyes of the human or somehow it functions in the same principles. But is it possible for human to record events or anything he sees and recall it to the minutest details? Well for me, it is possible. Scientist also believe that is possible. The question however lies on how much efforts exerted by human to develop this skills. It may not be same degree as to the above mentioned gadgets but at least we have the hope that it will happen. There are already numerous persons who are able to photo read and we have scientists who laboriously make research to unlock the real power of human mind as the creator had given us.


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