The Beauty of the World

It is my illusive dream to look the world with the eyes of the creator, to feel its comfort, to indulge in his beauty, to call it a real home and finally call it my own.

I have met different people from all walks of life, lots of them experienced the cruelness of the world and only few of them believe that the world is just and fair. What about you?.. Whatever is your opinion, I will always believe it is always based your life’s experience.

We can only judge things based on our limited consciousness.

I would like to appreciate life the way it is not the way I wanted it to be. Oftentimes idealism only lead us to suffering. Indeed it is, but idealism lead us to better this world.

I came across the site below that somehow helped me appreciate more the beauty of this world…  “As a Filipino electronics technician, got bitten by photography bug, and was hooked ever since.” Thanks Mr. Lino Almuenda, I am truly inspired but it.

Check this out:


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