My Illusive Dream

Once there was a child who dreamed of becoming rich to help less fortunate people. He tried to face the world alone holding into his strength and his trust to God that every endeavor is superable. He has nobody to depend on but himself.

A kid with full of ideologies, who only wanted to see the beauty of life amidst adversities and turmoils in this world. A child who has been seeking to find out what is the true meaning of love and life, where the history going and how to trudge the path towards true happiness.

With his efforts, he had overcome the challenges of education and freed himself from world’s ignorance.

.. The path toward real happiness remains a long journey. A journey he is still trudging uncertain of any consequence along the way.


In My Mind

I used to think that life is very simple & mere complications are only set in one’s mind, that problems are nothing but sort of easy mental puzzles & that by just looking at it pops up the solutions..
But on a long way….. from it simplicity arises the reality of life.
Things already beyond my control & only by its Divine intervention will help me back to life, to a place where everything is synchronized …