Statement of Tribute to Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Condolence

From: Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr., Patriarch and Founder of the African-American Catholic Congregation and its Imani Temple, on the passing of the Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Co-Founder of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC), aka the Unification Church. 

Contact: Minister Ginger Cornwell: 240-354-7601,

(Washington, D.C.) The family of humanity and the world community will no longer have the opportunity to be in the physical presence of one of the greatest spiritual leaders and champions of world peace in modern times. The Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon is affectionately known by thousands of clergy, heads of state as well as his followers and devotees as “Father Moon.”   He has cast a wide spiritual net across a swath of humanity during a ministry of almost 76 years in a tireless effort to return the world back to God’s original ideal: namely, where all men and women could recognize God as the Father of us all and each of us as brothers and sisters, one to another.

He earnestly believed that this goal could be ultimately achieved through the Ceremony of the Blessing of Marriage wherein the descendants of enemy nations, marrying one another in a cross-cultural blessing, could tear down the walls that separated and divided nations, peoples and races. I too have been a beneficiary of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony as my wife and I were matched and blessed by Father and Mother Moon.

He lived to see not only his vision blossom and bear fruit in the lives of his church members associated with the Unification Church, but also in the lives of countless faith and civic leaders and their communities, individuals and families who were touched and influenced by his uncompromising love of God and his undying passion in the pursuit of world peace.

He and his beloved wife, Mother Moon, stand as the “True Parents,”  and now, as he stands in spirit with Mother Moon the presence of the love of God only will expand through them as our “True Parents” – parents in the image of God that see all humanity as God’s family – regardless of race or religion.

As people of faith, we know that from the moment he met Jesus on a mountainside in Korea until today he has been faithful, and therefore he transitions now from a temporal life to an eternal life. He lives and will continue to guide, inspire and lead us to the promise land in spirit and through his beloved wife, Mother Moon.

His mantra of “living for the sake of others,” “loving one’s enemy,” and “liberating and comforting the suffering heart of God,” caused by man and woman’s rejection of God through disobedience, set him apart from other world spiritual leaders and caused faith leaders from Christianity and other faith traditions as well as his followers to see and embrace him as a messianic figure called by God and anointed by Jesus to restore humanity back to God’s kingship. Not a “self-proclaimed” “Messiah,”  but rather as a man “anointed” by Jesus, confirmed and widely acclaimed as the “messiah” or “anointed one” by some of this nation’s and the world’s most prominent religious leaders.

In some instances he was maligned, misunderstood, misjudged and criticized, even having his divinely appointed mission misinterpreted, yet Father Moon never allowed the naysayers to deter him from advancing God’s Providence through Spiritual Principles based upon the Word of God as revealed to him and recorded in hismagnum opus, “The Original Substance of the Divine Principle.” He lived for God and God’s People and not for himself.

Our love and condolences, heartfelt prayers and deepest sympathy go out to his beloved and devoted wife of 52 years, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, Co-Founder of HSA-UWC and Co-Founder of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, their many children and more than 45 grandchildren, church leaders and devoted followers. She will now stand strong to lead us on with her youngest son, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon – who Father Moon appointed in 2009 as the one chosen to represent him.

We are confident that the Unification Movement will flourish in the wake of the passing of its fearless and gifted spiritual leader. In the eyes of his detractors, his powerful and prophetic voice, radical ideas and brilliant ways of thinking no longer will be a threat to their myopic worldview or intimidate their narrow minded reasoning. Yet, history tells us that even though the visionary passes on, the vision still lives and presses on towards fulfillment. As the great American poet laureate, Carl Sandburg, articulated so succinctly, “A tree is best measured when it is down — and so it is with people.”

The world has yet to discover, realize and appreciate the genius, selflessness, humility and true love of a man of God and the driving force behind everything that he sought to achieve and accomplish in his earthy life: namely, to realize in concrete and visible ways “the hope of all ages – a unified world of peace.”   That vision and hope live on in those who believe in and embrace him as the True Parent, True Father, True Teacher, servant and lover of all humankind.

May he rest in peace.


Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr.

Founder and Patriarch

African American Catholic Congregation


American Clergy Leadership Conference







The True Family – Gateway to Heaven






Here is the PDF file: True Families

Messages from the Spirit World

Although human beings sent the Apollo rocket to the moon, even if the knowledge and intelligence of all scientists in the world were mobilized, they by themselves could not affect the harmony of any part of God’s creation nor could they fully analyze it. If anyone thought that he could reveal the full divinity and infinite power of God, he would be doing nothing but revealing his own pride and ignorance. It is better to just believe in Him, even if it is difficult to believe from a scientific viewpoint.

It is certain that many human beings are amazed at the divine nature of God as it is revealed by looking at the changes and mysteries of nature alone. But earthly people can never understand God as He can be fathomed in the spirit world. Thus, I could not help but bond with four great religious founders, who during their earthly lives personally conducted God’s providence. It is so because as I observed them in the seminar hall, I more often witnessed the splendid procession of God’s love than saw them keeping their religious posts representing their own religion. Humble to God’s call, they made great efforts to change themselves.

They will remain always the founders and representatives of the major religions, but ever since they came to understand the fundamental providence of God, they have paid attention to the truths of other religions rather than insisting on their own views. This attitude in them deeply moved me. Whenever God enveloped us with His splendid jewels of light, we smiled at each other with loving and peaceful faces.

As I was leading this gathering, I experienced something infinitely painful in my heart, and thought: “ only earthly people could witness these scenes and experience them, then God and True Parents could restore this world much more quickly.” Each of these religious founders had experiences so moving, they rapidly progressed and clearly understood
God’s current providential purposes. And whenever they had time, they visited friends from other religions.

Such scenes were so beautiful. Their reflections were similar to each other: “think that I can understand the heart of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is toiling so hard on Earth for the sake of world peace.”

Now, the four religious founders, along with Socrates and St. Augustine who also attended the seminars, are pursuing the same direction; it is the direction of the providence of God and True Parents.

They try not to show their own distinctive characteristics and are making shared efforts to be united in one direction. And they are earnestly praying that the direction of earthly people will also be one.

Dr. Sang Hun Lee

Here is the PDF file: Messages from the Spirit World

Divine Principle – The New Expression of Truth

Exposition of the Divine Principle is the new authorized English translation of Wolli Kangron. The first English translation, The Divine Principle, was made in 1973 by Dr. Won Pok Choi. Dr. Choi labored with considerable erudition to select the proper terminology and convey the complex thought of this text. Aware of its sacred nature, she made a point of producing a literal translation. Through this work, she laid the foundation for the teaching of the Divine Principle in the Western world. In recognition of Dr. Choi’s pioneering work, when Reverend Moon commissioned this new translation he requested that the translators seek out her advice. She gave constructive guidance and played an active role in improving the translation. In a real sense, her hands have guided this project.

For this version, the translators have sought, above all, to accurately render the meaning of the Korean text into clear English. The style of the Korean text, in keeping  with the most erudite efforts of that generation, employs long and complicated  sentences with numerous embedded clauses expressing complex relationships. It is simply not possible to express every nuance in the compact, linear structure of modern English. Whereas modern English wants to pin down every thought in an  unequivocal proposition, the Korean of that time often renders thought loosely and dynamically, utilizing metaphor and context to convey meaning. Wherever a literal translation would not adequately express the thought and argumentation of the text, we have rearranged the order of thought in a manner more suitable to the Western mind. At times we used creative phraseology rather than dictionary definitions to evoke comparable understandings, feelings and cultural associations. Furthermore, the Divine Principle employs some technical terminology and gives distinctive meanings to certain common words. Wherever possible, for this translation, we drew from common English vocabulary rather than invent new theological terms. Hence, ordinary words may be invested with distinctive meanings, for example: “indemnity,” “condition” and “foundation.” Proper understanding requires attention to their particular usage in the text.

Divine Principle

As A Peace Loving Global Citizen


The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, celebrated his 90th birthday on 2010 which marked the release of his autobiography, “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen,” published by The Washington Times Foundation. A best-seller in his native Korea, the book, now translated into English, gives Western readers an opportunity to learn more about a man whose deeds and goals have been the subject of international attention for decades. In the book’s foreword, the Rev. Moon writes about his wish to “bring about a world of peace” but adds that his pursuit of that goal over a long life has not been without setbacks. He writes, “I am a controversial person. …The world … has associated many different phrases with my name, rejected me and thrown stones at me.” He adds: “I have been unjustly imprisoned six times in my life – by imperial Japan, in Kim Il Sung’s North Korea, by South Korea’s Syngman Rhee government, and even in the United States – and at times I was beaten so hard that the flesh was torn from my body. Today, though, not even the slightest wound remains in my heart.” Nevertheless, he notes, “Recently, a growing number of people have been seeking to know more about me. For the sake of those who are curious, I have looked back on my life and recorded my candid recollections in this volume.” 18 pages of photos have been added to the 2010 English Edition.

Here is the pdf file of his book: As A Peace Loving Global Citizen

Section 2. Universal Prime Energy, Give and Take Action, and the Four Position Foundation


2.1 Universal Prime Energy

God, the Creator of all things, is the absolute reality, eternal, self-existent and transcendent of time and space. The fundamental energy of God’s being is also eternal, self-existent and absolute. It is the origin of all energies and forces that allow created beings to exist. We call this fundamental energy universal prime energy.

2.2 Give and Take Action

Through the agency of universal prime energy, the subject and object elements of every entity form a common base and enter into interaction. This interaction, in turn, generates all the forces the entity needs for existence, multiplication and action. The interaction generating these forces through this process is called give and take action. Universal prime energy and the forces generated by give and take action are in a reciprocal relationship of cause and result, internal and external, and subject partner and object partner. Universal prime energy is a vertical force, while the forces generated by give and take action are horizontal forces.

Let us examine in detail God and His creation in terms of universal prime energy and give and take action. God’s universal prime energy directs His eternal dual characteristics to form a common base for their mutual relationship. They then engage in give and take action. Based on the forces generated by this give and take action, the dual characteristics construct a foundation for their eternal reciprocation. This is the foundation for God’s existence, upon which God eternally exists and generates all forces needed to create and sustain the universe.

In the created universe, the dual characteristics that make up each being are empowered by universal prime energy to establish a common base. They then engage in give and take action. Based on the forces generated by this give and take action, the dual characteristics construct a foundation for their continued reciprocation. This becomes the foundation for the existence of each individual being, upon which the being becomes an object partner to God and is able to generate all forces necessary for its continued existence.

For example, atoms come into existence when electrons assemble about a nucleus and engage in electromagnetic interaction, which is a type of give and take action. When positive ions and negative ions perform give and take action, they form molecules and produce chemical reactions. The give and take action between positive and negative electrical charges underlies all electrical phenomena.

The circulation of nutrients between xylem and phloem is one of the give and take actions in plants that sustain their life functions and promote their growth. The give and take action between stamen and pistil is the dominant means for the reproduction of plant life. Animals multiply and maintain their species through the give and take action between male and female. Animal and plant life co-exist through such give and take actions as the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide and the cooperation between bees and flowers.

With respect to the heavenly bodies, the solar system exists based on the give and take action between the sun and the planets. Their various movements give structure to the universe. The earth and the moon also maintain their rotations and their revolution in a set orbit through their give and take action.

The human body maintains its life through the give and take actions between arteries and veins, inhalation and exhalation, sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, and so forth. The give and take action between mind and body enables an individual to carry out activities which further the purpose of life. The give and take actions between husband and wife in a family, among people in a society, between the government and citizens in a nation, and among the nations of the world are essential for them to live together in harmony and peace.

However evil a person may be, the force of his conscience, which impels him toward a virtuous life, is always active within his inner self. This is true for all people of all ages and places. No one can quell the force of conscience, which is powerfully at work even without one’s conscious awareness. The minute a person commits an evil act, he immediately feels pangs of conscience. If the function of the conscience were absent in fallen people, God’s providence of restoration would be impossible. How is this force of conscience generated? Since all forces are produced by give and take action, the conscience cannot generate the force needed for its operation all by itself. That is to say, the conscience can operate only when it forms a common base with some subject partner and engages in give and take action with it. The ultimate subject partner of our conscience is God.

The human Fall, in essence, severed our relationship with God. Rather than attaining oneness with God, our ancestors joined in a reciprocal relationship with Satan, thereby becoming one with him. Jesus was the only begotten Son of God; he attained oneness with God through perfect give and take action. When we unite with Jesus in a perfect reciprocal relationship, we can recover our original God-given nature. We can cultivate a give and take relationship with God and become one with Him. This is how Jesus serves as the mediator for fallen people; he is our way, truth and life. Jesus came with love and sacrifice to give all that he had to humankind, even offering his life. If we turn to him in faith, we will “not perish but have eternal life.”

Christianity is a religion of love. It strives through love and sacrifice to open the path to restore the horizontal relationships of give and take between people in the love of Christ. On this horizontal foundation of love, the way is opened to restore our vertical relationship of give and take with God. In truth, this was the main purpose of all the teachings and deeds of Jesus. For example, Jesus said:

Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. -Matt. 7:1-2

So whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them; for this is the law and the prophets. -Matt. 7:12

So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven. -Matt. 10:32

He who receives a prophet because he is a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward, and he who receives a righteous man because he is a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward. -Matt. 10:41

And whoever gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he shall not lose his reward. -Matt. 10:42

Love With Silence

As I have love you, love others
Without any words even without expressing at all
For love to be truly deep and profound
Serve without recognition from anybody.

Do good deeds for other
Without being known from others
Don’t make excuse when you are scolded
Don’t seek revenge when someone hurts you with words.

Love with silence when people reject you
Just love with silence
Pray for them
While you try to help but they refuse you.

Love with silence when people ignore you
Endure the sorrow when you are rejected
Remind yourself always
To spread happiness and joy to others.

Love with silence when you are irritated
By the words and deeds of others
Offer God the pain you have deep inside your heart.

Remind yourself always
To respect and care for other brothers and sisters
Within yourself, never allow resentments,
Harsh accusations, or lack of endurance
Love with silence.


In my search for ideals

I always believe that along the path that any man is trudging, he will always find someone who will help him reach his desired destination. This is because you will always be attracted to the person who somehow share your ideals, with the same vision as you are.  This is the law of science. I am always inspired by the people whom amidst criticism, mockeries, difficulties, against all odds still doing things for betterment of everybody and always possessing parental heart towards anybody regardless of who you are.

We have so many saints and sages in the past who provided us guidance and at time we stumble and fall, their words of wisdom continuously inspire to keep us moving on. But have we really realized how this saints and sages suffered in their search of happiness and to build the world of peace? They suffered more than anyone could ever imagined. This is always the path of great people.

Our judgement is always based on our limited consciousness, no more no less.

I came across this video and its message truly touched my heart.

True Love – The Source of Peace and Happiness

The more love we have the happier we become. Love is such that once it is in our hand; we never want to let it go. The source of life cannot be governed by human will. Only true love can influence our motivation, our course, or the end of our life. Human beings were born of love, so they must live for love and even die for love at the end of their lives.

What would be the color of love? Do you think it would be inky-black at night, white in the daytime and yellow in the evening? What do you think the col- or of love might be? The power to achieve peace, unity and equality for all can be found in the central color of love. How- ever, if you carelessly venture into love’s most holy place you will be judged by fire.

When you find someone to love, your face becomes radiant. What brings that about? Not guns or threats,  only  love. Then what kind of love is that? That love is true love, the love that is the owner of the universe,  the center  of the uni- verse, and the original fountain of the universe.

Love is the cardinal point of happiness, the invisible order, and the peace that serves the common good. It is the common asset of all humanity and the symbol of God’s will and power.

Love holds supreme value. Once you have true love, even God will follow you, the world will follow you, everyone will follow you. Once  you stand in love’s place of honor, all creation will follow you.

True love is the kind of love that makes you and another feel good even if you stay together forever. It  is the kind of love that makes you feel good, even though you just stay together, live together, watch together, talk together, feel things together and listen together.

Love  is liked and welcomed by  all people. For this reason, everyone desires to be born, to live, and to die surrounded by love. Such a person is indeed a happy person.

If we think of love as small, it is very small; and if we think of love as large, it is very large. A slight wink from a loved one would make you feel  as if heaven and earth were turning upside down. A smile from the one you love would make you feel as if all of heaven and earth were within your heart. If you think that love is  perceptive,  it  becomes  perceptive; if you think it small, it is small; if you think it big, it is big; if you think you can see it, you can; and if you think you can- not see it, you cannot see it. Love alone can break down the barriers. People in love are completely possessed by it and each  word they venture to speak will be based on the love that claims them.

The power of  love is  greater and mightier than the power of an atomic bomb. An atomic bomb can only bring death to people, but love has the power to save people from death and give them new life. Atomic bombs are not creators;  they bring judgment and  destruction. The power that can unite the world into one is not the brute force of arms, but true love.

Each nation has its border,  its  cul- tural background, and its customs. The only weapon that can transcend these is true love.

As history unfolds and love is per- fected, political, economic and cultural problems – all conflicts and disputes – will be fully resolved. The complex prob- lems faced by humankind in the world today can be fundamentally solved only through the  perfection of  true  love.

We must seek for true love, but where can you go to encounter it? True love is unchanging and eternal,  whether it is day or night. However, true love is not something that exists merely for oneself.

It cannot belong to just one person; it belongs to everyone, and is shared by the universe. True love connects to the fam- ily, the society, the nation, the world and the universe.

If  true  love  were  perfected,   our responsive God would have no regrets even if He  were completely  immersed in it. God will rejoice over anything and everything that happens, as long as He is surrounded by true love. If people could live in a world of true love, they would all live happily, without regret, throughout their lives. Moreover, there would be no war, discontentment or suffering in that world.

Even all things of creation will show- er blessings upon those who devote their lives for the purpose of love. Flowers will want to bloom in their gardens, and even birds will want to  build their nests in the backyard and sing their songs. This is because those people know the value of all things of creation and truly love them.

The universe contracts and expands. In other words, it breathes in and out. It is not political power that  controls the contraction and the  expansion of the universe. Neither is it knowledge or money. It is the giving  of love.

When you look at the world with eyes filled with love, you would say of a bird flying past you, “Why is that bird chirp- ing? Oh, he must be missing his beloved.” Lines of poetry and prose would naturally spring to mind. The history of our everyday lives is harmonized with nature and reproduced in the symphony of love. That is why a breath of love, a caress of love, a song of love and a whisper of love are all pleasing.



Ultimate Purpose of 21st Century Religion

The twentieth century was a time of tremendous change. More happened in that hundred-year period than during the past two thousand years. It was the century when there were two world wars and when communism rose to great strength and then disappeared. It was also the century when humanity turned its back on God and buried itself in material things. What about the twenty-first century, then? Some say that advances in science have proven that many religious beliefs are mere superstition and irrelevant to the modern world. I contend, however, that the role of religion will always be relevant as long as the spiritual aspect of human beings remains a reality and a world of peace has not been established.

What is the purpose of religion? It is to bring about God’s ideal world. The reason religions evangelize is because they desire to increase the number of citizens under God’s sovereignty. If everyone were to live under God’s sovereignty, we would have a world of peace where there would be no war or division. The ultimate destination of the path followed by religions should be peace. God created this world out of a desire for love and peace. If we create division by insisting that our own religion is the only path to salvation, we go against God’s desire. God wants everyone in the world to work hard for peace, reconciliation, and coexistence. If people say that coming to church creates division in their family, then I do not hesitate to tell them that they should put their family first. Religion is only a means to bring about God’s perfect world; it is not an end in itself.

Humankind’s destiny is to bring together all the points of view that are now divided against each other. The philosophy that will lead humanity in the future must be able to bring together all religions and philosophies. The days have ended when one country stands at the forefront and leads humanity. The era of nationalism has also ended. If we continue the era of people congregating together only by religion or race, then humanity cannot avoid a repetition of war. The age of peace absolutely cannot come unless we transcend cultural customs and traditions. No ideology, philosophy, or religion that has influenced humanity in the past is capable of bringing about the peace and unification that is needed for the future. We need a new ideology and philosophy that goes beyond Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.  There are more than two hundred countries in the world, and each has its own national borders. A border separates one country from another, but countries separated by borders cannot endure eternally. Only religion can overcome national borders. However, religions that should be bringing people together have instead divided themselves into many factions that are busy fighting each other. They have fallen into a selfish thought process that puts their religion or faction first. They are oblivious to the fact that the world has changed and a new era of selflessness has dawned. It will not be easy to tear down the religious walls that have stood for thousands of years, but these walls must come down if we are to advance into a world of peace. Religions and their factions must stop their meaningless fighting, find a middle ground for their differing opinions, and develop concrete ways to advance the world of peace. For humanity to be happy in the future, material
affluence alone will not be sufficient. It is urgent that the struggles of modern ideologies, cultures, and races be overcome through interreligious understanding and spiritual harmony.  First, respect the traditions of other religions and do everything you can to prevent conflict and discord among religions. Second, all religious communities should cooperate
with each other to serve the world. Third, the leaders of all religions should work together to develop a structure that will let us accomplish our mutual mission of establishing world peace. The right eye is there for the left eye, and the left for the sake of the right. The two eyes together exist for the sake of the whole body. The same can be said for every other part of the body. Nothing exists for its own sake. Religion, too, does not exist for its own sake but for the sake of love and
peace. Once world peace is accomplished, there will be no further need for religion. The ultimate purpose of religion is to bring about the reality of a human community filled with love and peace. This is God’s Will.

It is not easy to create an environment where people’s hearts are filled with a craving for peace. Continuous education is the only solution.  A school is a holy place where truth is taught. What are the most important truths that should be taught in school? The first is to know God and recognize His existence in the world around us. The second is to know the fundamental origin of human beings, our responsibilities, and how to fulfill our responsibilities for the sake of the world. The third is to realize the purpose for the existence of human beings and to then create an ideal world for that
existence. These things can be understood only after they have been taught with sincerity and dedication over a long period.

Education today is focused on creating a winner-take-all society where those who finish first are rewarded with a monopoly on happiness. This is not the right way to educate children. Education must be a means for creating a world where all humanity can live well together. The philosophies and methods of education that have dominated us until now must be changed to ones that let us advance toward humanity’s common goals. If the United States were to educate only for the sake of the United States, and Britain only for sake of Britain, then humanity’s future would be dark. Educators must not teach how to live selfishly but instead impart the wisdom needed to resolve the myriad social problems we face today. The role of religious scholars is even more important. Religious scholars do not need to be teaching complex theories and the superiority of their own religions. Instead, they need to give their students the wisdom to love humanity and build a world of peace. They need to teach the principle of selflessness. We cannot expect a future of happiness for
humanity if scholars do not take the lead in teaching our descendants the principles of peace. Humanity is one brotherhood and sisterhood, and the world is one family. The most important wisdom needed by humankind comes from knowing God’s heart and His ideal. For this reason, the role of religion continues to be important, especially in the twenty-first century, when science and technology seem to be replacing the role of religion in understanding how the
universe operates. Religions around the world must understand the destination of the human journey and immediately cease all major and minor struggles. They should not be fighting for the purpose of protecting their own honor. Religions must pool their wisdom and combine their energies and work diligently to build the ideal world. They must forget the past struggles filled with hatred and work out peaceful solutions. No matter how much we have done for world peace, there is always more to be done. Religious people, whose mission is to lead humanity into the ideal world, must not forget
for a moment that truly their only mission is to be apostles of peace.