In my search for ideals

I always believe that along the path that any man is trudging, he will always find someone who will help him reach his desired destination. This is because you will always be attracted to the person who somehow share your ideals, with the same vision as you are.  This is the law of science. I am always inspired by the people whom amidst criticism, mockeries, difficulties, against all odds still doing things for betterment of everybody and always possessing parental heart towards anybody regardless of who you are.

We have so many saints and sages in the past who provided us guidance and at time we stumble and fall, their words of wisdom continuously inspire to keep us moving on. But have we really realized how this saints and sages suffered in their search of happiness and to build the world of peace? They suffered more than anyone could ever imagined. This is always the path of great people.

Our judgement is always based on our limited consciousness, no more no less.

I came across this video and its message truly touched my heart.


My Illusive Dream

Once there was a child who dreamed of becoming rich to help less fortunate people. He tried to face the world alone holding into his strength and his trust to God that every endeavor is superable. He has nobody to depend on but himself.

A kid with full of ideologies, who only wanted to see the beauty of life amidst adversities and turmoils in this world. A child who has been seeking to find out what is the true meaning of love and life, where the history going and how to trudge the path towards true happiness.

With his efforts, he had overcome the challenges of education and freed himself from world’s ignorance.

.. The path toward real happiness remains a long journey. A journey he is still trudging uncertain of any consequence along the way.


There’s No Place Like Home

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This place where I was born, grew up, nurtured my mind,  and attended elementary and secondary education. Many wonderful memories of my childhood flashes in my mind every time I remember this place. A simple place, a meeting place of … Continue reading

The Beauty of the World

It is my illusive dream to look the world with the eyes of the creator, to feel its comfort, to indulge in his beauty, to call it a real home and finally call it my own.

I have met different people from all walks of life, lots of them experienced the cruelness of the world and only few of them believe that the world is just and fair. What about you?.. Whatever is your opinion, I will always believe it is always based your life’s experience.

We can only judge things based on our limited consciousness.

I would like to appreciate life the way it is not the way I wanted it to be. Oftentimes idealism only lead us to suffering. Indeed it is, but idealism lead us to better this world.

I came across the site below that somehow helped me appreciate more the beauty of this world…  “As a Filipino electronics technician, got bitten by photography bug, and was hooked ever since.” Thanks Mr. Lino Almuenda, I am truly inspired but it.

Check this out:

Window Shopping

5:57 pm, kadadating palang galing ng Diera City Center nag window shopping. Tumingin lang kung anong pweding bilhin para maipadala sa aking mahal sa buhay sa Pilipinas.

Marami sanang pweding bilhin dahil medyo bumaba ang mga presyo dulot ng Dubai Shopping Festival subalit pera lang ang kailangan.

Gayunpaman, nabuo na sa aking isipan kung ano ang mga dapat kung ipadala.

Hay…. Sinubukan kung tawagan ang aking asawa ngunit hindi ko siya makontak, marahil sila ay naiidlip na.

.. Ito parin ang buhay, sa harap ng laptop, dahil walang ibang mapaglibangan.

Umaga na naman

Magandang umaga sa lahat.! 9:22 na ng umaga, panibagong pag-asa, panibagong pakikibaka. Ano kaya ngayon magandang gawin? Malaman buong araw na naman akong nakababad sa harap ng laptop para mag-aral ng kung ano ano na pweding pag-aralan.

Siguro mainam din na kahit papano mamasyal naman ako sa aral na ito. Kung saang lugar, ito ay hindi ko rin alam.

Marahil bigyan ako ng Poong Maykapal ng pagkakataon na makita ang ganda ng mundo at kabutihan ng bawat tao.

… ano kaya ang magandang gawin para maging maganda ang araw na ito?…

Mga oras na walang magawa

11:31 na ng gabi pero hindi ko pa rin maipikit ang aking mga mata. Nagnanais pa rin na silayan ang mga informasyon sa net. Naghahanap pa rin ng pagkakaabalahan. Pang limang araw na ng aking vacation leave sa trabaho, walang ginagawa kundi abalahin ang sarili sa harap ng laptop.

Patuloy pa ring sumasagi sa aking isip kung ano nga ba ang mangyayari sa aking kinabukasan ngayong isa na akong pamilyadong tayo. Nagtatrabaho sa malayong ibayo para lang mabigyan sila ng kaginhawahan kapalit ng aking kalungkutan mapalayo sa kanila. Ang aking minamahal at walang kamuwang muwang na na anak na walong buwan palang ay lumalaking hindi kasama ang kanyang ama.

Ang tanging aking magagawa sa kasalukuyan ay ang araw araw na pagpapadala ng mensahe sa pamamagitan ng ating teknolohiya. Wala oras na hindi ko sila maalala, ang tanging habilin ko lang sa aking minamahal na asawa ang palaging pagpapadama ng pag ibig sa aming anak. Nawa’y maramdaman nya lagi na mahal na mahal sya namin, ang tanging kayamanan.

.. hindi ko pa ring maiwasang malungkot na napalayo ako sa aking pamilya.

Final stage of my life

In the final stage of my life, I am still traversing the road, but uncertain until when I will be able to reach my distination, the real love and happiness.

This might be due to what is going on to the world. The conflicts between nations, religions and people around the world, the problems that arises due technological advancement which supposed to help people to better their lives, the countless disasters and natural calamities, the famines, .. everything you can imagine, we have it.

Perhaps my dreams will still be a long journey to be trudged. Furthermore, I am still hoping that this world where I live will be a better and safest place to live with and a place I can call my own home.

In the final stage of my life I hope I can share my utmost love to everyone especially to my loving family, the most important people in my life, the people I cannot live without.

…… this is the beginning of the last stage of my life ..