Statement of Tribute to Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Condolence

From: Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr., Patriarch and Founder of the African-American Catholic Congregation and its Imani Temple, on the passing of the Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Co-Founder of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC), aka the Unification Church. 

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(Washington, D.C.) The family of humanity and the world community will no longer have the opportunity to be in the physical presence of one of the greatest spiritual leaders and champions of world peace in modern times. The Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon is affectionately known by thousands of clergy, heads of state as well as his followers and devotees as “Father Moon.”   He has cast a wide spiritual net across a swath of humanity during a ministry of almost 76 years in a tireless effort to return the world back to God’s original ideal: namely, where all men and women could recognize God as the Father of us all and each of us as brothers and sisters, one to another.

He earnestly believed that this goal could be ultimately achieved through the Ceremony of the Blessing of Marriage wherein the descendants of enemy nations, marrying one another in a cross-cultural blessing, could tear down the walls that separated and divided nations, peoples and races. I too have been a beneficiary of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony as my wife and I were matched and blessed by Father and Mother Moon.

He lived to see not only his vision blossom and bear fruit in the lives of his church members associated with the Unification Church, but also in the lives of countless faith and civic leaders and their communities, individuals and families who were touched and influenced by his uncompromising love of God and his undying passion in the pursuit of world peace.

He and his beloved wife, Mother Moon, stand as the “True Parents,”  and now, as he stands in spirit with Mother Moon the presence of the love of God only will expand through them as our “True Parents” – parents in the image of God that see all humanity as God’s family – regardless of race or religion.

As people of faith, we know that from the moment he met Jesus on a mountainside in Korea until today he has been faithful, and therefore he transitions now from a temporal life to an eternal life. He lives and will continue to guide, inspire and lead us to the promise land in spirit and through his beloved wife, Mother Moon.

His mantra of “living for the sake of others,” “loving one’s enemy,” and “liberating and comforting the suffering heart of God,” caused by man and woman’s rejection of God through disobedience, set him apart from other world spiritual leaders and caused faith leaders from Christianity and other faith traditions as well as his followers to see and embrace him as a messianic figure called by God and anointed by Jesus to restore humanity back to God’s kingship. Not a “self-proclaimed” “Messiah,”  but rather as a man “anointed” by Jesus, confirmed and widely acclaimed as the “messiah” or “anointed one” by some of this nation’s and the world’s most prominent religious leaders.

In some instances he was maligned, misunderstood, misjudged and criticized, even having his divinely appointed mission misinterpreted, yet Father Moon never allowed the naysayers to deter him from advancing God’s Providence through Spiritual Principles based upon the Word of God as revealed to him and recorded in hismagnum opus, “The Original Substance of the Divine Principle.” He lived for God and God’s People and not for himself.

Our love and condolences, heartfelt prayers and deepest sympathy go out to his beloved and devoted wife of 52 years, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, Co-Founder of HSA-UWC and Co-Founder of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, their many children and more than 45 grandchildren, church leaders and devoted followers. She will now stand strong to lead us on with her youngest son, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon – who Father Moon appointed in 2009 as the one chosen to represent him.

We are confident that the Unification Movement will flourish in the wake of the passing of its fearless and gifted spiritual leader. In the eyes of his detractors, his powerful and prophetic voice, radical ideas and brilliant ways of thinking no longer will be a threat to their myopic worldview or intimidate their narrow minded reasoning. Yet, history tells us that even though the visionary passes on, the vision still lives and presses on towards fulfillment. As the great American poet laureate, Carl Sandburg, articulated so succinctly, “A tree is best measured when it is down — and so it is with people.”

The world has yet to discover, realize and appreciate the genius, selflessness, humility and true love of a man of God and the driving force behind everything that he sought to achieve and accomplish in his earthy life: namely, to realize in concrete and visible ways “the hope of all ages – a unified world of peace.”   That vision and hope live on in those who believe in and embrace him as the True Parent, True Father, True Teacher, servant and lover of all humankind.

May he rest in peace.


Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr.

Founder and Patriarch

African American Catholic Congregation


American Clergy Leadership Conference







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Does anybody knows this Man? He is the person who appeared in my Dream when I was a kid..



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The True Family – Gateway to Heaven






Here is the PDF file: True Families

Messages from the Spirit World

Although human beings sent the Apollo rocket to the moon, even if the knowledge and intelligence of all scientists in the world were mobilized, they by themselves could not affect the harmony of any part of God’s creation nor could they fully analyze it. If anyone thought that he could reveal the full divinity and infinite power of God, he would be doing nothing but revealing his own pride and ignorance. It is better to just believe in Him, even if it is difficult to believe from a scientific viewpoint.

It is certain that many human beings are amazed at the divine nature of God as it is revealed by looking at the changes and mysteries of nature alone. But earthly people can never understand God as He can be fathomed in the spirit world. Thus, I could not help but bond with four great religious founders, who during their earthly lives personally conducted God’s providence. It is so because as I observed them in the seminar hall, I more often witnessed the splendid procession of God’s love than saw them keeping their religious posts representing their own religion. Humble to God’s call, they made great efforts to change themselves.

They will remain always the founders and representatives of the major religions, but ever since they came to understand the fundamental providence of God, they have paid attention to the truths of other religions rather than insisting on their own views. This attitude in them deeply moved me. Whenever God enveloped us with His splendid jewels of light, we smiled at each other with loving and peaceful faces.

As I was leading this gathering, I experienced something infinitely painful in my heart, and thought: “ only earthly people could witness these scenes and experience them, then God and True Parents could restore this world much more quickly.” Each of these religious founders had experiences so moving, they rapidly progressed and clearly understood
God’s current providential purposes. And whenever they had time, they visited friends from other religions.

Such scenes were so beautiful. Their reflections were similar to each other: “think that I can understand the heart of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is toiling so hard on Earth for the sake of world peace.”

Now, the four religious founders, along with Socrates and St. Augustine who also attended the seminars, are pursuing the same direction; it is the direction of the providence of God and True Parents.

They try not to show their own distinctive characteristics and are making shared efforts to be united in one direction. And they are earnestly praying that the direction of earthly people will also be one.

Dr. Sang Hun Lee

Here is the PDF file: Messages from the Spirit World

Divine Principle – The New Expression of Truth

Exposition of the Divine Principle is the new authorized English translation of Wolli Kangron. The first English translation, The Divine Principle, was made in 1973 by Dr. Won Pok Choi. Dr. Choi labored with considerable erudition to select the proper terminology and convey the complex thought of this text. Aware of its sacred nature, she made a point of producing a literal translation. Through this work, she laid the foundation for the teaching of the Divine Principle in the Western world. In recognition of Dr. Choi’s pioneering work, when Reverend Moon commissioned this new translation he requested that the translators seek out her advice. She gave constructive guidance and played an active role in improving the translation. In a real sense, her hands have guided this project.

For this version, the translators have sought, above all, to accurately render the meaning of the Korean text into clear English. The style of the Korean text, in keeping  with the most erudite efforts of that generation, employs long and complicated  sentences with numerous embedded clauses expressing complex relationships. It is simply not possible to express every nuance in the compact, linear structure of modern English. Whereas modern English wants to pin down every thought in an  unequivocal proposition, the Korean of that time often renders thought loosely and dynamically, utilizing metaphor and context to convey meaning. Wherever a literal translation would not adequately express the thought and argumentation of the text, we have rearranged the order of thought in a manner more suitable to the Western mind. At times we used creative phraseology rather than dictionary definitions to evoke comparable understandings, feelings and cultural associations. Furthermore, the Divine Principle employs some technical terminology and gives distinctive meanings to certain common words. Wherever possible, for this translation, we drew from common English vocabulary rather than invent new theological terms. Hence, ordinary words may be invested with distinctive meanings, for example: “indemnity,” “condition” and “foundation.” Proper understanding requires attention to their particular usage in the text.

Divine Principle

As A Peace Loving Global Citizen


The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, celebrated his 90th birthday on 2010 which marked the release of his autobiography, “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen,” published by The Washington Times Foundation. A best-seller in his native Korea, the book, now translated into English, gives Western readers an opportunity to learn more about a man whose deeds and goals have been the subject of international attention for decades. In the book’s foreword, the Rev. Moon writes about his wish to “bring about a world of peace” but adds that his pursuit of that goal over a long life has not been without setbacks. He writes, “I am a controversial person. …The world … has associated many different phrases with my name, rejected me and thrown stones at me.” He adds: “I have been unjustly imprisoned six times in my life – by imperial Japan, in Kim Il Sung’s North Korea, by South Korea’s Syngman Rhee government, and even in the United States – and at times I was beaten so hard that the flesh was torn from my body. Today, though, not even the slightest wound remains in my heart.” Nevertheless, he notes, “Recently, a growing number of people have been seeking to know more about me. For the sake of those who are curious, I have looked back on my life and recorded my candid recollections in this volume.” 18 pages of photos have been added to the 2010 English Edition.

Here is the pdf file of his book: As A Peace Loving Global Citizen

2.3 The Four Position Foundation Which Realizes the Three Object Purpose through Origin-Division-Union Action


2.3.1 Origin-Division-Union Action

The process of God’s creation begins when the dual characteristics within God form a common base through the prompting of His universal prime energy. As they engage in give and take action, they generate a force which engenders multiplication. This force projects the dual characteristics into discrete substantial object partners, each relating to God as its center. These object partners to God then assume the position of subject partner and object partner to each other as they are prompted by the universal prime energy to form a common base and engage in give and take action. They then join together in one harmonious union to form a new object partner to God. This whole process-in which out of God, the Origin, two entities are separately manifested and reunited in oneness-is called origin-division-union action.


2.3.2 The Three Object Purpose

As a result of origin-division-union action, four positions are formed: the origin at the center, the subject partner and the object partner (distinct substantial object partners to the origin in the pattern of its dual characteristics), and their union. Any one of the four positions may assume the position of subject partner and engage the other three as its object partners, forming a communion of three object partners. When each of the four then acts as the subject partner and enters into give and take with the other three revolving around it, they fulfill the three object purpose.


2.3.3 The Four Position Foundation

When through origin-division-union action, the origin, the subject partner and object partner projected from the origin, and their union all fulfill the three object purpose, the four position foundation is established.

The four position foundation is the root of the number four. It is also the root of the number three, because it is the fulfillment of the three object purpose. The four position foundation is realized by God, husband and wife, and children; they complete the three stages of origin-division-union action. Hence, the four position foundation is the root of the principle of three stages. Furthermore, each of the four positions in the four position foundation takes on three object partners in fulfilling the three object purpose. In total there are twelve object partners; hence, it is the root of the number twelve. The four position foundation is the fundamental foundation of goodness. It is the realization of God’s purpose of creation. It is the fundamental foundation for the life of all beings, providing all the forces necessary for their existence and enabling God to abide in them. Therefore, the four position foundation is God’s eternal purpose of creation.


2.3.4 The Mode of Existence of the Four Position Foundation

Through origin-division-union action, the dual characteristics of God are projected to form two distinct and substantial object partners, which interact with each other as subject partner and object partner. The object partner responds to the subject partner to form a common base and begins give and take action around the subject partner. As they are held in balance by the force of giving (centrifugal) and the force of receiving (centripetal), the object partner revolves around the subject partner in a circular motion, and thus they become harmonious and unified. In the same manner, the subject partner becomes an object partner to God, revolving around God and thus attaining oneness with Him. When the object partner becomes completely one with its subject partner, their union can stand before God as a new object partner resembling His dual characteristics. Moreover, the way for any object partner to stand as an object partner before God is by making oneness with its subject partner.All beings which have completed the four position foundation by fulfilling the three object purpose through origin-division-union action move in circular (elliptical) or spherical paths. As a result, they exist in three dimensions. Let us now investigate the reason for this.

In this union of subject partner and object partner, the subject partner and object partner are themselves composed of dual characteristics; these, by the same principle of give and take action, carry on their own circular motions. Thus, we see circular motions of give and take action within both the subject partner and object partner, which are simultaneously engaged in the greater circular motion within their union. Although there are moments when the two levels of circular motion among subject partners and object partners may happen to have orbits on the same plane, in general, because the angle of revolution around the subject partner is constantly changing, this circular movement becomes a spherical movement. In short, all beings which have completed the four position foundation carry on circular and spherical movement, and hence their mode of existence always becomes three-dimensional.

Let us take the solar system as an example. The planets, standing as object partners to the sun, each form a common base and engage in give and take action with the sun through centripetal and centrifugal forces. Revolving around the sun in elliptical orbits, the sun and planets attain harmony and oneness and form the solar system. At the same time the planet Earth, as a composite body of dual characteristics, rotates on its own axis. This is also true of the sun and the rest of the planets; they are in continuous rotation on their own axes, because they too are composite bodies of dual characteristics. The orbits caused by give and take action in the solar system do not occupy exactly the same plane. Rather, due to the varied angles of their orbits and rotations, the solar system exhibits spherical motion in three dimensions. Likewise, all heavenly bodies exist in three dimensions by virtue of their circular and spherical movements. When the countless heavenly bodies carry on give and take action with each other, they form one body and thereby give structure to the universe. The universe exists in three dimensions as, governed by the same principle, its elements engage in spherical movements.

When an electron forms a common base with a proton and engages in give and take action, it revolves around the proton in a circular motion. Thus, they unite and form an atom (Hydrogen). The electron and the proton are themselves composed of dual characteristics that cause them to spin in continuous rotation. Therefore, the circular motion arising from the give and take action between the proton and electron is not limited to an orbit on one plane but, by continuously altering its angle of revolution, creates a spherical movement. Through spherical movement the atom thus exists in three dimensions. By the same token, the magnetic force between positive and negative poles causes electrically charged particles to precess in spherical movement.

When an electron forms a common base with a proton and engages in give and take action, it revolves around the proton in a circular motion. Thus, they unite and form an atom (Hydrogen). The electron and the proton are themselves composed of dual characteristics that cause them to spin in continuous rotation. Therefore, the circular motion arising from the give and take action between the proton and electron is not limited to an orbit on one plane but, by continuously altering its angle of revolution, creates a spherical movement. Through spherical movement the atom thus exists in three dimensions. By the same token, the magnetic force between positive and negative poles causes electrically charged particles to precess in spherical movement.

Let us consider the example of human beings. As the object partner to the mind, the body establishes a common base with the mind and engages in give and take action with it. Figuratively speaking, the body then revolves about the mind and attains complete oneness with it. If and when the mind stands as an object partner before God and revolves around Him, resonating in oneness with Him, and when the body becomes one with this mind, the individual will resemble God’s dual characteristics and thus stand as God’s embodied object partner. Thereupon, the person fulfills the purpose of creation. The mind and body are also each composed of dual characteristics, so they carry on continuous movement within themselves. Thus, the circular movement produced through the give and take dynamic between mind and body ceaselessly alters the angle of revolution around God and becomes spherical. People who have realized the purpose of creation exist as three-dimensional beings who always lead their lives in spherical relationships centered on God. This is how they can attain mastery even over the incorporeal world.

When the circular movement of the subject partner and the object partner on a single plane becomes a spherical movement in a three-dimensional orbit, the dynamism and creativity of the universe unfolds. Variations in each orbit’s distance, shape, state, direction, angle, force and velocity are manifest as the beauty of creation in its infinite variety.

Just as all beings have internal nature and external form, there is a type of spherical motion that corresponds to internal nature and a type that corresponds to external form. Likewise, there is a center of motion that corresponds to internal nature and a center that corresponds to external form. These two centers have the same relationship as that between internal nature and external form.

What is the ultimate center of all these spherical movements? Human beings are the center of all created things, which are embodied object partners to God’s dual characteristics in symbol. God is the center of human beings, who are created as His embodied object partners in image. Consequently, the ultimate center of all spherical movements in the universe is God.

Let us consider this further. Every object partner to God contains a subject partner and an object partner within itself. The center of their relationship is the subject partner, so the center of the union between subject partner and object partner is also the subject partner. Since God is the center of the subject partner, He is also the ultimate center of the union. As discussed above, the three substantial object partners to God (subject partner, object partner, union) also form common bases with each other. As each of the three takes the central position, and becomes one with the others through give and take action with God as their ultimate center, they fulfill the three object purpose and establish the four position foundation. Accordingly, the ultimate center of the four position foundation is God.

All things that have established four position foundations in this manner are individual embodiments of truth. As mentioned before, individual embodiments of truth are divided broadly into individual embodiments of truth in image (human beings) and individual embodiments of truth in symbol (the rest of the creation). The universe is composed of countless individual embodiments of truth, mutually related to each other in good order from those of the lowest level to those of the highest level. Among them all, human beings occupy the highest level.

Individual embodiments of truth revolve spherically around each other, with those of a lower level acting as object partners to those of a higher level. Thus, the center of any spherical movement is an individual embodiment of truth of a higher level which acts as the subject partner. The centers of the countless symbolic individual embodiments of truth are interconnected from the lowest to the highest. The highest centers are human beings, who are individual embodiments of truth in image.

Let us examine the centrality of human beings. Science holds that elementary particles are the most basic building blocks of matter and explains that they are composed of energy. Considering the purpose of existence of the individual embodiments of truth that make up the material universe at different levels, we can surmise: energy exists in order to form particles, particles exist to form atoms, atoms to form molecules, molecules to form matter, and matter exists for the creation of all the individual entities in the universe. Likewise, the activity of energy is for the purpose of forming particles, the activity of particles is for atoms, the activity of atoms is for molecules, the activity of molecules is for matter, and the activity of matter is for the purpose of constructing the universe.

What is the purpose of the universe? What is its center? The answer to both questions is none other than human beings. This is why God, after creating human beings, commanded them to have dominion over the universe.12 If there were no people to appreciate the universe, then it could be likened to a museum without any visitors. The articles on display in a museum attain their true value and are cherished as historical relics only when there are people who appreciate, love and take delight in them. Their relationship with human beings gives value to their existence. If there were no one to appreciate them, then what meaning would their existence have? The same holds true for the universe, whose lords are human beings.

The diverse things in creation enter into mutual relationships with a common purpose when human beings discover the source and nature of matter, and when they identify and classify plants and animals of the water, land and air, and all the stars in the sky. Their common purpose is realized when they are assimilated into the human body as elements essential for people to maintain their physiological functions, and when they participate in the construction of a comfortable living environment for people. In these and other ways, human beings stand as the center of the created universe in terms of its external form.

In addition, people relate to the universe from their position as the internal center. While the relationships discussed above are physical relationships, here we consider mental or spiritual relationships. The human body, though consisting of matter, fully responds physiologically to the emotion, intellect and will of the human mind. This demonstrates that matter has within itself elements which resonate with emotion, intellect and will-elements which constitute the internal nature of matter. This is the reason all things in the universe respond to human emotion, intellect and will, albeit to different degrees. We become intoxicated with the beauty of the natural world and experience the rapture of mystical union. We experience this because we are the center of the internal natures of all things in the natural world. Human beings are thus created as the center of the universe, and the place where God and human beings become completely one is the center of the cosmos.

Let us discuss from another viewpoint how human beings are the center of the cosmos, which is composed of both the spirit world and the physical world. Every human being embodies all the elements in the cosmos. Yet, as we discussed earlier, everything in the cosmos can be divided broadly into subject partners and object partners. Had Adam, the first human ancestor, reached perfection, he would have embodied all the subject elements in the things of creation. Had Eve attained perfection, she would have embodied all the object elements in the things of creation. God created Adam and Eve to have dominion over the natural world. Growing together toward perfection, Adam was to become the king of all the subject elements in creation and Eve was to become the queen of all the object elements. If they had then become one as husband and wife, they would have become the center that could rule the entire universe consisting of subject partners and object partners.

Human beings are created to be the center of harmony of the whole cosmos. If Adam and Eve had attained perfection and united as husband and wife, it would have meant the joining into oneness of the two centers of the dual characteristics of all beings. Had Adam and Eve moved together in harmony and attained oneness, the whole cosmos with its dual characteristics would have danced in harmony. The place where Adam and Eve become perfectly one in heart and body as husband and wife is also the place where God, the subject partner giving love, and human beings, the object partners returning beauty, become united. This is the center of goodness where the purpose of creation is fulfilled. Here God, our Parent, draws near and abides within His perfected children and rests peacefully for eternity. This center of goodness is the object partner to God’s eternal love, where God can be stimulated with joy for eternity. This is the place where the Word of God is incarnated and brought to fulfillment. It is the center of truth and the center of the original mind which guides us to pursue the purpose of creation.

Consequently, the entire universe will perform a spherical movement with a unified purpose when it is founded on the four position foundation established by a perfected man and woman who join as husband and wife centered on God. Tragically, the universe lost its center when human beings fell. This is why St. Paul wrote that the creation has been groaning in travail while longing for the children of God.13 Creation awaits the people who have restored their original nature to appear and become its center.

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